2023 Summer Essential

Thailand in summer is breaking thiers own record every year.
So today, PETClub would like to share item ideas that parents should prepare to this summer to cool down our pets and deal with heatstroke, a dangerous condition that always come during the summer.

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1. Portable Water Bottle

Believe that most of the pawents might have this item, but we need to confirm how important it is.
Because drinking enough water can reduce the occurrence of heat strokes well.
Plus, this water bottle is easy to use and very comfortable
When press the water out and the pets didn't drink all up. It can be pressed back to the bottle.

2. Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are not always just for cleaning.
Did you know that pets let out the heat from their paws,
so using wet wipes to the feet is a good way to help your pets cool down.

PETClub Tips: You can cool the wipes to in the refrigerator, to increase cooling or any pawents
have plans to take your pets to outdoor you can freeze in the freezer at night.
and after finishing the activity the wet wipes wouldl melt and ready to use and cool together.

3. Pet Probiotics

Summer is a season of germs. We have no ideas if our pets will accidentally sniff or lick any dirty surfaces.
and causing him to have diarrhea, whether it's a bowl, a container that stores water or food.
It may be an area of germ contamination. Therefore, pet probiotics are a good choice for this summer.
Just sprinkle on pet food in proportion to weight.
It will help balance pet's intestines and thier food more yumm.

4. Dog Ice-Cream

Serving yummy for this summer with unsweetened desserts for dogs
This ice cream does not add sugar, does not add color, does not flavor.
The formula developers choose raw materials that are useful for energy and vitamins.
Even though it is an ice cream, it doesn't make dogs fat like eating human ice cream.
Not only cool down your dogs bu there are hundred ofbenefits. What are you waiting for, let's go!


5. Coat Sun Care 6. Pawtection

Activity and Outdoor lovers! Come this way! It's a must-have item to protect pets.
UV, in addition to harming the skin of pawents It can injure your pets coat too.
and as mentioned above the pets is let off the heat by their paws.
Therefore, thier feet should not be hot.
Bring some balm to protect your kid's paws from the heat before going outside.

7. Colling Pet Shampoo

After finished going out, come back home and clean thier body a bit. With eucalyptus shampoo,
it helps the skin cool, refresh and relax with the scent of Tea Tree as well.


8. Cooling Mat 9. Stainless Steel Bed

Cooling Mat And the Stainless Steel Bed will make your pets sleep comfortably.
With features to help reduce pet temperature. Provides natural coolness
It's also good quality, soft, comfortable, can allow pets to sleep all day.
Free of substances that are harmful to the skin


10. Stainless Steel Bowl and Pets Fountain

The stainless steel bowl can maintain the cooling temperature of the water.
It also reduces the accumulation of bacteria as well.
But if parents have more budgets and want to encourage your pets to drink more water
You can purchase a pet fountain. At PETClub, there are many designs to choose from. Starting at only 599.- only!

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If anyone is looking for ideas of essentail items for this summer.
Stop by to shop for what you like at all branches of PETClub, PETClub Select and PETClub HomePro.
Or shop at the link posted under the product image!

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