NEKKO LoveMix Tuna Maguro



Brand : NEKKO


Nekko Love Mix Big Cat Food Tuna Maguro 4 Complete and Balanced Nutrition Formula for Cats 1 Year Old and OlderComplete Balanced Nutrition for Adult Cat- Muscle Development >> Tuna Protein To Help Strengthen Muscles- Healthy Immune System >> Krill oil helps to strengthen immunity- Shiny Skin and Coat >> evening primrose oil. Sunflower seed oil nourishes the skin and hair to make it soft and shiny- Sodium Control and Healthy Digestion >> Control sodium content and prebiotics to help the digestive system function.
  • Protein not less than 32%
  • Fat    Not less than 13%
  • Residue not greater than 5.5%
  • Humidity Not more than 8.5%.
  • Helps build immunity and nourishes the coat to be soft and healthy.Salmon dean protein and sunflower oil
  • Omka 3&6 source nourishes hair and skin to be beautiful and shiny.
  • Contains prebiotics, stimulates the activity of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, helps the excretory function efficiently.
  • Add an easy aroma with Katsuobushi fish.
  • Vitamin A and taurine support eyesight and brain and improve vision performance.
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