PETHROOM Pet Sponge Towel



Brand : Pethroom


PETHROOM Sponge Towel

The pet towels are made of self-developed microfiber fabric, which has 3 times more absorbency than ordinary towels, reduces drying time and absorbs moisture from the inside quickly, giving you a soft and comfortable touch. Good heat, which helps to maintain the pet's body temperature after bathing, shorten the drying time, no worries about colds and mold.

There are 4 sizes

1. Magic Glove - Bathing Gloves
: gloves, towels That will shorten the drying time by 3 times compared to conventional brushes because it is tailored to the shape of the hand to gently caress the pet.
Size Free Size (27 cm.*

2. Sponge Towel Size S - Small Sponge Towel
: This ultra-small size allows you to wipe small parts of your pet's body such as face, mouth, ears or paws.
Size 200*200 mm.

3. Sponge Towel Size M - Medium Sponge Towel
: Suitable for small to medium pets
Size 400*800 mm.

4. Sponge Towel Size L - Large Sponge Towel
: Suitable for large pets
Size 600*1200 mm.

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