Royal Canin Hair & Skin Care




Royal Canin Hair & Skin Care
Granulated cat food for older cats who want to take care of their skin and hair, age 1 year and older.

Product Description
It nourishes the hair to be shiny and nourishes the skin to be healthy.
Contains soy milk and boracious oil with fatty acid content. High gamma linoic
Contains fish oil with a high omega content, nourishes the hair to keep it shiny and the skin moisturized.
Select good quality proteins, sources of essential amino acids.
Contains B vitamins, zinc, copper, nourishes healthy coat and skin. Encourages the body to synthesize keratin, a protein that is the main structure of hair.
Hair and skin nourishment formula For older cats, 1 year old and older
Take care of healthy skin and hair.
Strengthens skin barrier, retains moisture with high-quality proteins containing specific amino acids and Omega 3 (EPA&DHA).

Demonstrable results
The coat is noticeably healthy within 21 days.

Take care of urinary tract health
With the right mineral balance.

Protein not less than 31%, fat not less than 20%, residue not more than 6%, humidity Not more than 6.5%.

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