Royal Canin Light Weight Care



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Royal Canin Light Weight Care
Granulated cat food for older cats, easily fattened, 1 year old and older.

Product Description
It has less energy than food in general, while cats can consume the same amount.
It contains a large amount of fiber and xyllium, which reduces energy while having the same amount.
It has a high protein content (40%), which helps maintain muscle mass.
High L-Carnitine Content This allows the cat to burn fat better.
For older cats who want to control their weight, age 1 year or older.

Weight control
With low fat content, high protein. L-carnitine and selenium fiber help maintain a healthy body shape and increase satiety.

Demonstrable results
90% of cats actually lose weight within 2 months.

Take care of urinary tract health
With the right mineral balance.

Protein not less than 34%, fat not less than 8%, residue Not more than 11.4%, humidity Not more than 6.5%.

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