Royal Canin Chihuahua Adult Loaf



Royal Canin Chihuahua Adult Loaf
Wet dog food sachet type For adult dogs Chihuahua breed, 8 months old and older.

Product Description
Wet texture, delicious taste. It has a high palatability, reduces the risk of developing diseases of the breed, helps to take care of the skin and hair of the dog to be healthy, and maintains a healthy digestive tract. Prevent constipation can be eaten both as wet food only and as a combination of wet food with granulated feed for Chihuahua dogs. 8 months of age or older
Beautiful, shiny fur. Healthy with nutrients that help take care of the skin and hair of chihuahua dogs, take care of the excretory system, increase bowel movements, and adjust the stool to a good lump with a loaf texture that feels silky and soft.

Protein not less than 6.5% ,fat Not less than 3.6%, residue not more than 2.4%, humidity not more than 80.5%, size 85g. x 12pcs

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