Royal Canin Dog Mini Indoor Senior




Royal Canin Dog Mini Indoor Senior

Granulated dog food for older dogs Small breeds, domesticated, 8 years of age and older (adult weight under 10 kg).

Product Description

It helps slow down alzheimer's disease with tomato lycopene, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, nourishing the skin and hair. The food pellets are specially designed for older dogs, easy to chew and easy to mix with water. Contains tomato extract as a high-quality antioxidant, helping to slow down the body's woes for older dogs. Domesticated, age 8 years and older.

Take care of the aging period with antioxidants and EPA&DHA that help fight free radicals in the body, take care of digestion and excretion with high-quality proteins. (L.I.P.), easily digestible carbohydrates and proper dietary fiber. It helps to adjust the stool to a good lump, reduces the smell and amount of droppings, adjusts to semi-liquid food, feed granules, easily absorbs water. Suitable for older dogs that have difficulty chewing food.

Protein not less than 22%, fat not less than 12%, residue Not more than 2.4%, humidity Not more than 10.5%.

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