Royal Canin Dog Maxi Joint Care



Royal Canin Dog Maxi Joint Care
Granulated dog food for large breeds of older dogs who want to take care of joints, 15 months of age or older (adult weight 26-44 kg)

Demonstrable results
97% of reliance owners are satisfied in 28 days.

Tips for caring for joints for large breeds of dogs
Exercise regularly, but beware of strenuous or excessively energy-intensive exercises, such as jumping. • Lose weight and maintain a proportionate body shape to reduce pressure on the joints • Consult a veterinarian. When there are concerns about the health of the dog.
For streamlined movement
Take care of your joint health with collagen that nourishes the cartilage around the joints and adjusts energy to help you keep your body proportional and reduce pressure on the joints.

Protein not less than 24%, fat not less than 13%, residue Not more than 7.3%, humidity Not more than 10.5%.

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