Royal Canin Maxi Light Weight Care



Product Description
Granulated dog food Weight control formula for large breeds of dogs (dogs with an adult weight of 26 to 44 kg)

With 30% less energy than the formula diet, the dog grows in the same amount of food, helping to lose weight without limiting the amount of food.
L-carnitine breaks down fats into energy.
Good selection of ingredients makes the food taste good, as well as meticulously packaged, which improves the palatability. Custom designed food pellets and special components Increases the feeling of fullness of dogs who need to control their diet.
Strong muscles and strong joints, high protein helps maintain muscle condition while controlling weight.
For large breeds of dogs that need weight control/ sterilization from 15 months or more.

High protein (27%), low fat content (11%), and dietary fiber, while helping to take care of joint health with Omega 3.

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