Royal Canin Medium Starter Mother & Babydog



Royal Canin Medium Starter Mother & Babydog
Granulated dog food for mothers of medium breed dogs 6 weeks pregnant and older - feeding and weaning puppies Middle varieties Age 1 - 2 months (adult weight between 11-25 kg)

Product Information
It's a high-energy diet, complete nutrition nourishes the body in a pregnant dog mother/provides proper nutrition (protein, fat, energy), easy to change the diet in puppies. During weaning, food pellets have easy water-absorbing properties. This makes the food not too hard and makes it easier for mother dogs and puppies to eat for mother dogs in the middle of pregnancy-weaning period.

Strengthen immunity and take care of the digestive tract with the specific nutrient pools contained in your dog's breast milk. It supports natural immunity and takes care of the digestive system, takes care of the mother dog during pregnancy, and provides milk with nutrients that meet the high energy requirements during this period. Perfect for weaning puppies whose teeth have just risen.

Protein not less than 28%, fat Not less than 20%, residue not more than 2.3%, humidity Not more than 9%.

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