Royal Canin Mini Exigent



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Royal Canin - Mini Exigent
Granulated dog food for older dogs of small breeds Food selector, 10 months old and older (adult weight under 10 kg)

Product Description
Diet pills Every tablet is a pocket tablet, crunchy like a dog's favorite treat.
The outer grains are thin, crispy and fragrant. Because it's baked with Aroma Technic that gives the food a natural aroma of ingredients (similar to the coffee bean baking technique).
Inner pellets Use ground chicken meat until it has a smooth texture similar to whipped cream or mousse inserted inside the pellets. Improves palatability When dogs chew food, a crispy outer layer of food is mixed. It has a pleasant aroma with inner food, where the flesh is smooth, tender, delicate, tongue-in-cheek. Provides nutrients that promote skin and fur health and oral and tooth health.
Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, amino acids, zinc, folic acid, vitamins A and B help maintain skin hydration, reducing dry skin problems caused by loss of moisture. From frequent showers or sleeping in air-conditioned rooms.
Sodium polyphospharmacea traps calcium in saliva, reducing plaque formation.
Helps maintain the right weight Contains L-carnitine. Stimulates metabolic processes and reduces fat accumulation.
For adult dogs of small breeds Selectman Choose to eat, eat hard, age 10 months and older.


Like a dog, a selectman.
Every "stuffed" grain is ready to feel crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and fragrant. With specially selected raw materials and proteins.

Demonstrable results
It is favored by up to 99% of dogs of small breeds.

Additional tips to care for a selective dog
• Feeding on time
• Train your dog to eat instead of giving them treats.
• Consult a veterinarian. When there are concerns about the health of the dog.

Protein not less than 28%, fat not less than 20%, residue Not more than 3.6%, humidity Not more than 9%.

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