Royal Canin Mini Sterilised




Royal Canin Mini Sterilised
Granulated dog food for older dogs of small breeds Neutered, 10 months old and older (adult weight under 10 kg)


Product Description
Help maintain your dog's weight level in the post-sterilization period to a standard level. High protein content of 30%
Helps strengthen muscle bundles, regulate energy.
Reduce the amount of energy provided by food by 15% and control the fat content by 13%.
L-Carnitine Convert fatty acids into energy and fiber properties. It makes it full for a long time.
For good health of the oral cavity and teeth. It reduces the formation of limestone with calcium traps in saliva.
The texture of the food will help floss your teeth while chewing food.
For neutered young adult dogs aged 10 months and older.

Take care of the shape, let the dog be neutered.
Help your dog stay in shape and fill your stomach with the same amount of low-calorie food. With high protein content (30%) and low fat content (13%) in combination with L-carnitine and dietary fiber.

Demonstrable results
14% reduction in energy compared to conventional formulations


Additional tips to care for a neutered dog
• Take your dog for a walk or play games.
• When rewarding, food pellets should be given instead of sweets (in proportion to the diet of each day).
• Provide the amount indicated next to the bag.
• Consult a veterinarian. When there are concerns about the health of the dog.

Protein not less than 28%, fat not less than 11%, residue Not more than 7.6%, humidity Not more than 10.5%.

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