Royal Canin Pomeranian Adult




Royal Canin Pomeranian Adult
Granulated feed for older dogs Pomeranian breed 8 months old and older.

Product Description
Pomeranian diets are designed to suit the needs of the body and reduce the risk of problems according to the breed, which includes both granulated and wet food to provide nutrients that meet the breed's needs for good dog health.

Care for bones and joints
Supplementation of EPA fatty acids and DHA helps reduce joint inflammation in combination with weight control.

Strong skin, beautiful, healthy fur.
Take care of pomeranian double coat with nutrients that strengthen the skin's barrier and moisturize it in combination with EPA-DHA omega-3 fatty acids.

Care for the gastrointestinal tract
L.I.P. proteins are highly digestible and supplement prebiotics, FOS, food of beneficial bacteria, and psyllium. This is observed in lumpy stools.

Protein not less than 24%, fat not less than 14%, residue Not more than 2.6%, humidity Not more than 10.5%.

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