Howndo - Pet Balm 30g.



Dog balm nourishes dogs' paws, reduces itching, red rashes, and wounds from fungus, ticks, fleas, and various insects. Howndo

- Treat various itching symptoms Caused by ticks, fleas, or mosquitoes
- Helps restore skin problems from inflammatory wounds, fresh wounds, and eczema.
- Helps restore skin problems from fungus and scabies.
- Safely nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

** Not dangerous It has been tested by leading institutions to be safe, free of chemicals, and dogs can lick it**

The best ingredients from Japan and herbs from Thailand, freshly distilled, perfectly blended with Howndo's unique formula.

Let's see what the main ingredients are.

- Pure coconut oil: will help take care of itching. Helps keep the skin moisturized and healthy. And it can help heal wounds and dry them quickly as well.
- Japanese Charcoal: Helps remove toxins. and various germs very well
- Pure ginger oil: helps reduce inflammation. Inhibits bacteria, germs, fungi, and various yeasts.
- Concentrated honey extract: helps stop bacteria and helps heal wounds such as fresh wounds, canker sores, etc.

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