Howndo - Ume Season Paw Spray 100ml.


Paw Spray Ume Season Germ Elimination Spray (bacteria and viruses) from nature
Gentle formula, no alcohol. Protects dogs from harmful germs for a long time.

- Helps eliminate germs (bacteria and viruses)
- Remove dirt Easily contaminated Just spray and wipe off.
- Pets are safe from harmful germs.
- Can be injected into the paw area Including the outside body of the dog.

Dogs can lick it. There are no chemical residues because:
- The main raw material used is Japanese plum (Ume), which is extracted into an acid that has the effect of eliminating germs immediately.
- Malic acid is extracted from plants that have a sour taste. Effective in eliminating germs immediately and for a long time.
- Pure Glycerin extracted from nature. Helps with moisture Reduce skin irritation
- Mentha spicata oil, pure spearmint essential oil, food grade flavoring.

Note: All extraction and production processes Controlled by a specialist in herbal medicine. and has more than 10 years of experience

How to use
- After taking him out to do activities outside the house Spray directly onto your pet's paws or body. Or you can spray it on tissue first.
- After injection, no need to remove it.
- Use a tissue to wipe it dry.
- Can be used every day
- Pets can lick it. natural ingredients


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