Pethroom Dental Solution Toothpaste Dental Solution Gel Melon 60g.


Brand : Pethroom

Pethroom Dental Solution Toothpaste Dental Solution Gel Melon flavor Imported from Korea, Melon scent.
Quantity 60 grams

✔ Cleansing gel Solving the problem of difficulty brushing teeth
✔For dogs and cats, easy to use, just apply to the teeth.
✔ Reduce bad breath and eliminate tartar. Reduce the occurrence of bacteria
✔And also contains propolis and seaweed extracts to relieve inflammation of the gums. It has a fresh scent. Complete oral care, has sweet potato and melon flavors.
*No artificial sweetener sorbitol

How to use
Easy to use, just apply to your teeth once a day with 3 natural enzymes

✔If you vomit or have an allergic reaction Stop use and consult a veterinarian immediately.
✔For pets with oral diseases, heart disease, kidney disease, gastrointestinal disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., consult a veterinarian before use.
✔For pets under 3 months of age or pregnant pets. Consult your veterinarian before use.
✔ Close the lid after every use.
✔Do not store in places with high or low temperatures and exposed to sunlight.

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